Our creation is divided into two parts, the first is THOUGHTS, the second is ACTION. So whatever our actions must start from our thoughts So be careful with our thoughts If our thoughts are negative our actions will be negative too, If our thoughts are positive our actions will also be positive, Our mind is divided into two parts, the positive and the negative, there is a good part there is an evil part, We can’t condition our thoughts to be neutral, when we think positively the positive part of our brain will produce positive things and vice versa if you think negative then the brain will produce negative things

For example, before you go to sleep, you think that tomorrow you will do very tiring things, tomorrow I will be very tired, when we think so, our brain will automatically produce negative things then what happens is we will hate the sound of the alarm, our footsteps will be lazy to go to the bathroom, we hate the sound of the horn in the morning and we hate the people around us then what happens is according to what we expected.

But you can also think otherwise when you want to sleep you can say that tomorrow will be my day I will be excited, I will do all the work with enthusiasm, I’m very excited for tomorrow, then our brain automatically responds and produces positive things, then what happens is you don’t hate the sound of the alarm in the morning, even the sound of the horn is a boost for our adrenaline, you will smile to everyone Then what will happen is according to what we think, You don’t have time to hate because our thoughts are already producing positive things.

You will be the boss of your mind is just waiting for the command what you want it all depends on you, the brain is the same but what is different is the way of producing it, it all depends on which side you use your mind The right way of thinking will lead people to always think positively and always think systematically, Wrong way of thinking leads people to always think negatively and always think badly, You are the leader of all positive and negative thoughts,

You can’t create the world, but you can create your world all your world starts from your mind, So don’t let negative thoughts enter your mind, keep fighting to produce positive things, Nothing positive in this world comes from negative thoughts all negative things will not enter to our lives if we always produce positive thoughts, if you want to eat apples then you have to buy apples, you can’t eat apples if you buy bananas In other words, don’t expect a positive life if our thoughts are always negative.