Why your problem can’t be solved? maybe you talk too much and complain too much, You think your problem is bigger than other people even though their problems may be bigger than yours but they don’t talk too much and complain like you, what’s the point of you talking about your problems to other people, what’s the point of you writing your problem on social media, believe that other people are just curious about you not because they care about you.

When the problems are coming sometimes silence is better than explaining how you feel, because it will be very painful. After all, they can only hear your problems they can’t understand what your problem is and when you are angry what you have to do is “SILENCE”. After all, silence can prevent you from hurting other people’s hearts with your words. when you’re angry “SILENCE IS BETTER” than you say the words without meaning.

SILENCE is not a sign we don’t know, SILENCE also doesn’t mean we’re stupid but SILENCE means that you are mature, wiser, thinking which one is better for you and others. when the problem occurs be quiet for a moment hold your mouth to speak because talking when you are angry will only make the situation is worse, hold your finger to write on social media because writing status when you are angry what you will write is garbage and at that time you really need a place to complain because your head as if can’t control your problems anymore.

Whether telling your problem to others or making a status on social media can solve your problem? when the problem and anger come all you have to do is stop everything you do and “sit down” if you’re still angry too “lay down” but if still angry to “bow down” and pray to The GOD. big problems occur because of small problems that are not resolved and silence can’t solve the problem but at least silence can reduce it so it doesn’t make the problem bigger, it’s better to be silent but know what to do than talk but don’t understand what you’re talking about,

It’s better to be silent and be considered stupid instead of talking and trying to be considered smart, talking is better than silence but silence is better than talking, silence is better than talking nonsense and knowing too much, silence can make us listen more to what our hearts are saying, silence can make us enjoy the way we think because silence is sometimes better to represent the millions of pieces of our feelings that exist, it’s better to be silent than to speak inappropriately. silence is wise but when your wisdom is stepped on and not appreciated Talk and silence the others because silence is gold and speaking well is a diamond.