Schedule of nigma esports, nigma team in Dota 2, all schedule in 3 weeks future. Team Nigma is a European esports organization founded by former Team Liquid members

nigma esports for the win!

Nigma is a European esports organization founded by former Team Liquid members and four out of five of the champions of The International 2017.[1] Following The International 2019, captain KuroKy announced the team’s departure from Team Liquid with the idea of forming their own organization.

flower fighter

see the flower fighter
on a last crusade
like there’s no tomorrow
there is no tomorrow
when the big gong hit
we cannot save her
in muddy water
she throws a whisper

i’d like to say
(i’d like to say)
all i have seen is blurring wide and fading
i don’t know why
(she don’t know why)
it’s getting dark and i cannot control it
it’s hard to say
(i’d like to say)
all i can say
forever flower fighters holding arms

hear the flower fighter
you’ll understand
how it grows from under
and it makes you wonder
can the people fear
their own savior?
above the water
a floating sister


Flower Fighter


Charlotte & Magon


Power in the Egg Dance

solo japan

traveling solo in Japan is a fascinating, warm, and unforgettable experience. Most people have an idea in their head of what Japan will be like, but it’s impossible to understand until you’re there yourself.

Is Japan safe?

Japan is a phenomenally safe country to travel — one of the safest countries in the world, including for solo female travelers. Most travelers who watch their belongings and use common sense have zero safety issues in Japan.

Where are the best places to travel alone in Japan?

I highly recommend Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka for first-time visitors to Japan. If you want to get off the beaten path, I love Hokkaido in winter.

What’s the best time of year to travel to Japan?

I recommend traveling to Japan in the spring or fall. Winter can be very cold and I don’t recommend it unless you’re used to very cold weather or looking to ski. I urge you to avoid visiting in summer, when it’s stiflingly hot and humid.

What are the best things to do in Japan?

My favorite thing to do on a solo trip to Japan is to visit an onsen, a traditional Japanese spa! Be sure to read up on onsen etiquette before you go.


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One day, you and everyone you love will die. And beyond a small group of people for an extremely brief period of time, little of what you say or do will ever matter. This is the Uncomfortable Truth of life. And everything you think or do is but an elaborate avoidance of it. We are inconsequential cosmic dust, bumping and milling about on a tiny blue speck. We imagine
our own importance. We invent our purpose—we are nothing.

Enjoy your fucking coffee.