Ragnarok Online Emotes

Ragnarok Online Emotes

Ctrl + =
Emote bawi.pngBawi / RockUsed in “rock, paper, scissors”, or to indicate raising of the fist.
Ctrl + \
Emote bo.pngBo / PaperUsed in “rock, paper, scissors” and in greetings/farewells.
Ctrl + –
Emote gawi.pngGawi / ScissorsUsed in “rock, paper, scissors” and in greetings/farewells.
/!Exc.gifExclamation markOften used when surprised.
/?Que.gifQuestion markOften used when in question.
/hoHoe.gifMusic noteOften used when ‘whistling bored’.
/lvLov.gifBeating heartOften used when you’re in love.
/lv2Lov2.gifExploding heartSimply a different version of the above /lv.
/swtSwt.gifSweat dropAnime-styled sweat drop. Usable for any purpose.
/icLit.gifLight bulbUsed when you’ve finally figure something out.
/anAng.gifAnger veinAnime-styled anger vein. Use when angry.
/agAgh.gifStorm cloudThe symbol of true frustration. Use when moody.
/$Money.gifDollar signUse when you’ve just gained a lot of money, or going to get a lot of it.
/…....gifThree dotsUse when speechless.
/thxThx.gifThank you!Use when thanking someone,
/wahWah.gifLook of panic/or panicking
/srySry.gifSorry lookUse when sorry for doing something bad.
/hehHeh.gifLaughing faceMultiple uses from simply laughing at a joke to mocking someone.
/swt2Swt2.gifExplosive sweatUsed when in panic or sweating.
/hmmHmm.gifThinking faceUsed when pondering an unfathomable situation or incident, or when thinking about something.
/no1No1.gifThumbs up and a winkA praising gesture.
/okOk.gifHead bobbing up and downUsed when agreeing.
/omgOmg.gifShocked face!Used when expressing utter disgust or shock.
/ohOhh.gifSign with a red circleUsed when saying “Oh!”.
/XEcks.gifSign with a red XUsed when saying “No.”.
/hlpHlp.gifFour Help signs pop above youUsed when desperately asking for help.
/goGoo.gifExplosive Go! signUsed to commence an action or event.
/sobSob.gifCrying faceUsed when sad or crying.
/ggGgg.gifEvil giggling faceA laugh with bad intentions in mind.
/kisKis.gifA kiss with a heart facing rightUsed when kissing someone on your right side.
/kis2Kis2.gifA kiss facing leftUsed when kissing someone on your left side.
/pifPif.gifA pif.Used when blowing smoke into someones face or right after finishing a “supposedly difficult” task
/??Ono.gifShaking headUsed when looking around or disagreeing.
or /e1
Bzz.gifAngry face with an anger veinUsed when expressing directed anger.
or /e2
Rice.gifDrooly faceUsed when drooling about something (or someone) delicious.
or /e3
Awsm.gifEyes popping heartsUsed when totally ogling someone irresistibly sexy.
or /e4
Meh.gifFlapping tongueUsed when licking someone on your left or saying “So what?”
or /e5
Shy.gifBlushingUsed when blushing, saying no or “Tsk tsk.”
or /e6
Pat.gifA hand pettingUsed when comforting someone beside you.
or /e7
Mep.gifA clock with SP appearsUsed when signaling that the user is low on SP.
or /e8
Slur.gifA lustful face with droolUsed when you have the desire to eat someone.
or /e9
Come.gifA finger directing something to come towards youCan also mean the user is ‘fingering’ someone.
or /e10
Yawn.gifA big yawny faceUsed to express boredom.
or /e11
Grat.gifA glittery explosion with the word Congratulations!Used when congratulating someone.
or /e12
Hep.gifA clock with HP appearsUsed when signaling that the user is low on HP.
or /e13
Fsh.gifShiny eyescan be used when you see something you always want to have.
or /e14
Spin.gifDizzy look with droolUsed when dizzy.
or /e15
Sigh.gifAn exhaling puffUsed when tired.
or /e16
Dum.gifA blank expressionUsed when dumbstruck.
or /e17
Crwd.gifExpression of loud clamoringUsed when ‘making loud noises’. However spamming text in uppercase seems alot louder.
or /e18
Desp.gifA stick person falling on hands and kneesEveryone’s favorite emote. However its an anime expression of giving up.
or /e19
Dice.gifA dice rollIt rolls random numbers from 1-6.
/e20E20.gifA finger pointing upward.
or /e27
Hum.gifAn annoyed expression.
or /e28
Abs.gifA soul coming out from selfUsually seen in humorous anime when you’ve done something very wrong, you then falls down and your soul comes out as if you die from embarassment/being frightened. Basically just a different version of the /panic shown below.
or /e29
Oops.gifAn eyepopping and red faced emotion.Used to convey embarrasment at making a mistake or trying to hold up your laugh.
or /e30
Spit.gifA mouth spitting/throwing up.Used when something is so disgusting that you throw up.
or /e31
Ene.gifA “blessed” face?
or /e32
Panic.gifA frightful face.Used when being scared of something absolutely horrible has happened.
or /e33
Whisp.gifA spinning whisper face.
/dbcInsert Image hereLogs breaking apart

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