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Ragnarok Online Emotes

Command Image Description Usage
Ctrl + =
Bawi / Rock Used in “rock, paper, scissors”, or to indicate raising of the fist.
Ctrl + \
Bo / Paper Used in “rock, paper, scissors” and in greetings/farewells.
Ctrl + –
Gawi / Scissors Used in “rock, paper, scissors” and in greetings/farewells.
/! Exclamation mark Often used when surprised.
/? Question mark Often used when in question.
/ho Music note Often used when ‘whistling bored’.
/lv Beating heart Often used when you’re in love.
/lv2 Exploding heart Simply a different version of the above /lv.
/swt Sweat drop Anime-styled sweat drop. Usable for any purpose.
/ic Light bulb Used when you’ve finally figure something out.
/an Anger vein Anime-styled anger vein. Use when angry.
/ag Storm cloud The symbol of true frustration. Use when moody.
/$ Dollar sign Use when you’ve just gained a lot of money, or going to get a lot of it.
/… Three dots Use when speechless.
/thx Thank you! Use when thanking someone,
/wah Look of panic /or panicking
/sry Sorry look Use when sorry for doing something bad.
/heh Laughing face Multiple uses from simply laughing at a joke to mocking someone.
/swt2 Explosive sweat Used when in panic or sweating.
/hmm Thinking face Used when pondering an unfathomable situation or incident, or when thinking about something.
/no1 Thumbs up and a wink A praising gesture.
/ok Head bobbing up and down Used when agreeing.
/omg Shocked face! Used when expressing utter disgust or shock.
/oh Sign with a red circle Used when saying “Oh!”.
/X Sign with a red X Used when saying “No.”.
/hlp Four Help signs pop above you Used when desperately asking for help.
/go Explosive Go! sign Used to commence an action or event.
/sob Crying face Used when sad or crying.
/gg Evil giggling face A laugh with bad intentions in mind.
/kis A kiss with a heart facing right Used when kissing someone on your right side.
/kis2 A kiss facing left Used when kissing someone on your left side.
/pif A pif. Used when blowing smoke into someones face or right after finishing a “supposedly difficult” task
/?? Shaking head Used when looking around or disagreeing.
or /e1
Angry face with an anger vein Used when expressing directed anger.
or /e2
Drooly face Used when drooling about something (or someone) delicious.
or /e3
Eyes popping hearts Used when totally ogling someone irresistibly sexy.
or /e4
Flapping tongue Used when licking someone on your left or saying “So what?”
or /e5
Blushing Used when blushing, saying no or “Tsk tsk.”
or /e6
A hand petting Used when comforting someone beside you.
or /e7
A clock with SP appears Used when signaling that the user is low on SP.
or /e8
A lustful face with drool Used when you have the desire to eat someone.
or /e9
A finger directing something to come towards you Can also mean the user is ‘fingering’ someone.
or /e10
A big yawny face Used to express boredom.
or /e11
A glittery explosion with the word Congratulations! Used when congratulating someone.
or /e12
A clock with HP appears Used when signaling that the user is low on HP.
or /e13
Shiny eyes can be used when you see something you always want to have.
or /e14
Dizzy look with drool Used when dizzy.
or /e15
An exhaling puff Used when tired.
or /e16
A blank expression Used when dumbstruck.
or /e17
Expression of loud clamoring Used when ‘making loud noises’. However spamming text in uppercase seems alot louder.
or /e18
A stick person falling on hands and knees Everyone’s favorite emote. However its an anime expression of giving up.
or /e19
A dice roll It rolls random numbers from 1-6.
/e20 A finger pointing upward.
or /e27
An annoyed expression.
or /e28
A soul coming out from self Usually seen in humorous anime when you’ve done something very wrong, you then falls down and your soul comes out as if you die from embarassment/being frightened. Basically just a different version of the /panic shown below.
or /e29
An eyepopping and red faced emotion. Used to convey embarrasment at making a mistake or trying to hold up your laugh.
or /e30
A mouth spitting/throwing up. Used when something is so disgusting that you throw up.
or /e31
A “blessed” face ?
or /e32
A frightful face. Used when being scared of something absolutely horrible has happened.
or /e33
A spinning whisper face.
/dbc Insert Image here Logs breaking apart

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