It’s like that angel/devil on your shoulder whispering in your ear when you need to make an ethical/moral decision.

Don’t know anything about the picture, but even if the boys are brothers, it doesn’t necessarily show a culture clash. There is a tradition in south east asia of boys being ordained as a monk temporarily, so we can’t assume that the boy is a monk still or that the boy on the right has not been one.

It really bugs me when people post pictures like this with that extra unnecessary personal opinion on the end.

“Absolutely breathtaking” “Stunning” “Incredible” “Mind blowing”

I’ll be the judge of whether I find this picture breathtaking or not thanks very much, I don’t need the sensationalism.

It’s a neat picture, but no, it does not “leave me breathless”, when people say shit like that about relatively innocuous pictures it just makes me picture you all as fawning dandies that faint from elation at the mere suggestion of a well executed photograph.

Rein it in guys, no need to cream your panties.