Bing VS Google | Search Engine 2023

Bing Search for: Lionel Messi
Google Search for: Lionel Messi

For several years now, SEOs and digital marketers have made direct comparisons between Google and Bing.

Most of these findings are well documented; for example, aside from the key differences in functionality and search algorithms, we know that Bing prioritizes social and local search, while Google arguably has a more stringent quality criteria for ranking content (EAT — or expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

Bing vs Google Market Share in 2022Google retains an 83.84% share of the global market, although this has fallen from 89.95% in the past three years; during the same timeframe, Bing’s share has risen from 3.99% up to 8.88%.Jan 4, 2023

Another feature that surpasses Google is the search engine’s homepage background, which offers a default visual without the user having to customize it.

On Wednesday, the default backdrop was a panorama of mountains with a pinkish sky.

If you use Google and want a different background, you’d need to change the setting yourself.

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