GWR is Shortform for “go when ready“. Usually used while waiting for friends (who is AFK) in queuing in esports games such as Dota and LoL.

Can also be used to annoy your friends when they plan for hangouts or vacation

In chat


Me: “Im making some coffee. 5 mins”
Me: “Gwr”

–Resume The Game–

Other shortforms:

GGWP – “Good Game, Well Played”

GG – “Good Game” 

BD – “Backdoor”

Rax – “Barracks”

B – “Back”

EZ – “Easy”

GLHF – “Good Luck, Have Fun!”

FTW! – “For The Win”

RNG – “Random number generation”

Lag – “A connection glitch which results in a delay in a response in a computer or video game”