Lighting Up The Stars Ending Theme Song 朱一龙/杨恩又

《送别》 词:李叔同 曲:John Pond Ordway 《种星星的人》 词:赵照 曲:赵照 编曲:赵照 制作人:赵照 吉他:赵照 口琴:赵照 贝斯:十羊 鼓:王磊 Midi:剑豪

和声:赵照/钱镇 混音:赵照/剑豪 母带:时俊峰 统筹:文辉辉子 录音师:徐可/剑豪 录音棚:RMB STUDIO爆棚@奔跑怪物/照照音乐工作室 监制:高航 音乐制作:奔跑怪物


Lighting Up the Stars – 人生大事

Life is like a book.

Each one has to reach the last page somehow.

In some books, there’s a full stop at the very end.

In others, there’s only an ellipsis.

In life, nothing is bigger than death itself.

Fame, wealth, all smoke and mirrors.

One who does our line of work for a living

must have the heart of a saint.

UP SKY – 上天堂

My children, sooner or later, this day would come, so I’ve prepared a letter for you two.

You shouldn’t feel sad about my passing. Everyone has to face this inevitability.

I’ll leave the funeral arrangements to you.

Don’t give me that big ceremony crap. I’ve seen enough of that in my lifetime.

I want to leave this world clean and pure. Just like how I came into this world.

Keep the spending low and remember this. I’m watching you.

I’d like a customized funeral that’s both dignified and inexpensive.

Instead of splashing on a ceremonial casket,

I’d rather you spend the money on a family feast.

After the cremation, put me in that can.

And the dispatching of my remains, I’ll leave that to you.

Think of this as a test from your dad.

If you can’t think of an answer, I’ll just stay in the can and going nowhere.

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