Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum – Chat Wheel 2021 – Dota 2

Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum is a gauntlet style event game mode available during the winter of 2021. It is the continuation to Aghanim’s Labyrinth, where teams of four must battle their way through a series of monster-filled rooms of the Continuum Vault to reach the boss, The Primal Beast, at the request of Aghanim himself to save an alternate version of himself.


Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum – Chat Wheel 2021


  • Teams of four enter a dungeon with several possible rooms. Finish the objectives of the room to move onto the next. Complete 17 rooms to beat the level.
  • Each player has a set number of lives. Upon dying, players automatically resurrect after 10 seconds. Dead teammates cannot be revived.
  • All dead players are automatically resurrected when a room is cleared.
  • The game ends when all players are out of lives and dead.


  • 14 heroes with modified abilities are available for this game mode.
  • Additional 15 heroes from last year’s Aghanim’s Labyrinth are unlockable through Blessings and can be randomly unlocked on certain level rewards in the Battle Pass.

Scepter Shards

  • Scepter Shards are obtained by clearing rooms. They allows heroes to pick one of three random upgrades for their abilities.
  • At the start of the exploration of the Continuum Vault, you are given option between three Legendary Shards, which give unique traits to an ability, or in certain heroes, may give an entirely new ability.
  • Normal Rooms drop Common Shards, which give minor buffs to the hero or an ability’s existing stats.
  • Elite Rooms and Trap Rooms drop Elite Shards, which give buffs that are twice as potent as Common Shards.
  • Boss Rooms drop another Legendary Shards.
  • This table shows all Legendary upgrades. Common upgrades are not shown. Crossed out upgrades were removed.


Voice announcer

Main Article: Aghanim’s Labyrinth/Announcer


“The Continuum Device, here all along. I knew Valora was lying when she said Mars destroyed you. Well, where and when should we go first?”

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Talent Autographs Chat Wheel – The International 10 2021 – Dota 2

Dota 2 Compendium Talent Autographs
But the real star of this Dota 2 Compendium update is the 2021 Talent Autographs. Talent Autographs are Purchasable in-game cards, in the same vein as Player Cards. They’re available at $0.99 for a base price. You can level up the cards at $0.99 per level up to level five, when you’ll receive a chat wheel line from the associated talent. Level 10 will unlock a silver border and level 20 a gold border.

As per the details on the website, the Autograph, which can be displayed on your profile, is available permanently. The voiceline will last until The International 2022. And, 50% of the Talent Autographs sales go to the talent! Do remember you don’t have to choose talent from only the English talent pool, voice lines have also been added for the Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian talent as well.

Download Talent Autographs Chat Wheel

The post also includes details on the new TI10 website, info about the new broadcasts in Spanish and Portuguese, and an update to the embattled Short Film Contest. The latter was said to now have had finalists selected, and you can now vote for them in the client. Winners will bag $25,000.

One of those rewards is The International 2021 Lineage Treasure. It’s a reward set that includes nine hero sets that have been reworked to match this year’s black and gold color scheme. Get an emoticon at level 1, and earn a custom HUD skin, teleport effects, and loading screens.

New this year are the Talent Autographs that players can buy for $0.99 for the base level. Additional levels are available at the same price point, up to level 50, according to the press release. At level 5 you unlock a custom chat wheel line that will be available until TI 2022. Getting to level 10/20/50 will unlock bronze, silver, or gold borders, respectively. The autograph is permanent.

Half of the Talent Autograph sales go directly to the talent.

Points can be earned in various ways.

  • Tournament predictions
    • Most played hero? Who will get the highest number of kills? Earn points by just filling out all the categories, earn even more when you’re correct!
  • In-game predictions
    • Get 100 Compendium points, up to 600, for every in-game prediction you nail.
  • Fantasy lineups
    • Choose your lineup every day and earn points with your players’ performances when you place in the top 50% of all players.
  • Main Event Bracket Predictions
  • Supporter’s Club
    • All club members automatically receive 200 Compendium Points when their team wins a match.
  • Fill out your Player Card rosters. Earn points for having 1/8/18 full teams
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