Covid 2022

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Metal doorknobs, jewelry, silverware
5-9 days
Woodfurniture, decking4 days
Plasticsmilk containers and detergent bottles, subway and bus seats, elevator buttons2 to 3 days
Stainless steelrefrigerators, pots and pans, sinks, some water bottles2 to 3 days
Cardboardshipping boxes24 hours
Copperpennies, teakettles, cookware4 hours
Aluminumsoda cans, tinfoil, water bottles2 to 8 hours
Glassdrinking glasses, measuring cups, mirrors, windowsUp to 5 days
Ceramicsdishes, pottery, mugs5 days
Papermail, newspaperThe length of time varies. Some strains of coronavirus live for only a few minutes on paper, while others live for up to 5 days.
Foodtakeout, produceCoronavirus doesn’t seem to spread through food.
Waterdrinking waterCoronavirus hasn’t been found in drinking water. If it does get into the water supply, your local water treatment plant filters and disinfects the water, which should kill any germs.
Fabricsclothes, linensThere’s not much research about how long the virus lives on fabric, but it’s probably not as long as on hard surfaces.
Shoesboots, high heels One study tested the shoe soles of medical staff in a Chinese hospital intensive care unit (ICU) and found that half were positive for nucleic acids from the virus. But it’s not clear whether these pieces of the virus cause infection. The hospital’s general ward, which had people with milder cases, was less contaminated than the ICU.
Skin and hairThere’s no research on exactly how long the virus can live on your skin or hair. Rhinoviruses, which cause colds, survive for hours. That’s why it’s important to wash or disinfect your hands, which are most likely to come into contact with contaminated surfaces.
Surface Cleaning and COVID-19: What You Should Know

Omicron variant of COVID-19 has been called a variant of concern by WHO based on the evidence that it has several mutations that may have an impact on how it behaves. There is still substantial uncertainty regarding Omicron and a lot of research underway to evaluate its transmissibility, severity and reinfection risk.

I don’t know what is the variant, but the symptoms is 100% Covid-19 Virus.

  • 1st January 2022
    • Going home around 2 hours ride.
    • Lately Taking bath and directly sleep.
  • 2nd January 2022
    • Fookin! i just woke up to eat lunch and sleep again 24 hours long. i skipped this day.
  • 3rd January 2022
    • Still denial and act like i didn’t get any Covid-19
  • 4th January 2022
    • My wife cannot smell young living scents.
    • A friend giving some medicine dry cough and wet cough, paracetamol for my baby, and watermelon 🍉
    • No more cough medicine in drug stores.
    • Making COVID 2022 Youtube Playlist, boring fookin life.
  • 5th January 2022
    • Awake 8AM and sleep again until 4PM
    • Lose of appetite.
    • Headache often, fatigue.
  • 6th January 2022
    • Getting better, barely sleeping.
    • Willingness to take a bath, after 4 days didn’t taking bath.
  • 7th January 2022
    • Feeling 80% healthy as normal human.
  • 8th January 2022
    • Just normal day but feeling tired.
  • 9th January 2022
    • Runny nose is still here, barely coughing.
  • 10th January 2022
    • No more runny nose, but coughing with phlegm cannot come out.
  • 11th January 2022
  • 12th January 2022
  • 13th January 2022
  • 14th January 2022
  • 15th January 2022

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