What Is Kale in Dota 2? 卡了

It’s a kind of analogy. Originally, 卡壳 (qiǎ ké) meant “a cartridge got jammed inside the gun.”

When people are talking very fast and fluently, they are like a gun continuing shooting without any interruption. Words are “shot” (spoken) fast and continuously. There is also an expression “说话像机关枪一样,” the literal meaning of which is that someone “speaks like firing a machine gun.”

So when someone gets stuck while speaking, we say that he or she “卡壳”.

It’s an internet phrase to indicate network lag.

You use 你卡了吗 went you need to confirm whether the person is still there or have disconnected.

The community revolving around the e-sports game DOTA 2 is an incredibly international one. The game, which has as of now more than 12 million unique users every month, is immensely popular in not only North America and Europe, but also Brazil, Russia and China.

The Chinese teams play an especially important role in professional DOTA 2 tournaments. A nation that has had arguably the most endearing interest in the game’s predecessor, DOTA 1, its professional DOTA 2 teams are unsurprisingly amongst the world’s best. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly common for western tournaments to contain matches that are essentially “Chinese derbies” – matches where both teams were Chinese. This also, of course, incites in the western audience as well as the media an interest in Chinese DOTA 2 tournaments.

It’s not surprising then, to see Chinese DOTA 2 phrases adopted into the western scene. “Ka le” are the pinyin expressions of the Chinese characters “卡了”. The first character, “卡”(ka) means lag, while the second character “了”(le) is a modifying character that indicates past tense. Therefore a translation of “ka le” would be “there was a lag”.

As the Chinese DOTA 2 scene became ever-so-increasingly popular, this expression became known as well. However, the expression would never have become truly popular in the west, particularly North America, were it not for the coincidence that “ka le” bears such a striking resemblance to an infamous/famous word in our language (especially nowadays), “kale”.

So it happened. Many western players now, professionals and amateurs alike, type in all-chat: “kale” instead of “lag”.


The informant is currently a student in university. We were teammates together on our DOTA 2 team. As of now he has been a player and an active participant in the community for 3 years.

He learnt of this folkspeech through in-game experience; he was watching a live-stream of a tournament match, during which the players on the western team used this phrase during a pause. Later in one our team’s matches he told us about this experience.


This is an intriguing example of how one culture’s folklore or joke can come from a translation and its subsequent misinterpretation o2f another culture’s common phrase.

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What is GWR in dota 2?

GWR is Shortform for “go when ready“. Usually used while waiting for friends (who is AFK) in queuing in esports games such as Dota and LoL.

Can also be used to annoy your friends when they plan for hangouts or vacation

In chat


Me: “Im making some coffee. 5 mins”
Me: “Gwr”

–Resume The Game–

Other shortforms:

GGWP – “Good Game, Well Played”

GG – “Good Game” 

BD – “Backdoor”

Rax – “Barracks”

B – “Back”

EZ – “Easy”

GLHF – “Good Luck, Have Fun!”

FTW! – “For The Win”

RNG – “Random number generation”

Lag – “A connection glitch which results in a delay in a response in a computer or video game”

What inspires Dota 2 developers

Dota 2 is a MOBA game developed by Valve. The game is a sequel to the custom DotA map from Warcraft III. Initially, Dota 2 was released on the Source game engine, but in 2015, Valve ported it to the improved Source 2 engine. Over the seven years since its release, Dota 2 has received many changes in mechanics, terrain and economy, and has also gone far from the initial ideas strictly adhere to the lore of the game. So, where did Valve get the idea for their game?

Valve has ceased to adhere to its own rules

For a long time, Valve developed Dota 2 based on the original lore of the game, which was borrowed from the first Dota. They also did not depart from the basic mechanics of the game. Starting in 2011, after The International 1 and until 2015, Valve has strictly adhered to the rule of preserving and maintaining the aesthetics of Dota 2. According to this, sets from the Steam Workshop can be added to the game if:

  • A hero’s silhouette must be clearly identifiable at first glance.
  • The silhouette should show a character’s orientation.
  • Custom items are welcome to differ from the default silhouette of the hero as long as the character is still identifiable and the mesh is compatible with Valve’s default hero skeleton and animations.
  • To support the readability and directionality of the hero, drastically different silhouettes for some items could be balanced by more familiar colors or silhouettes for other items.

But, after porting the game to the new engine, the Dota 2 developers commuted the rules, which made it possible to create custom game modes, map designs, and cosmetic items for heroes using the Steam Workshop.
SirBelvedere, one of the very first insiders said:

Valve have figured the restraint was doing more harm than good.

At some point you have to get out of that mindset otherwise it is going to be more and more of the same year after year. We’re nearly 7+ years into Dota cosmetics now and for most part, the majority of the cosmetics still follow the same old guidelines.

Nikita «Nikey» Evsikov and Konstantin «KAaS» Turovets – Lead Artists of the Workshop Tavern – expressed their opinion on Valve’s rules regarding the restrictions for creating styles for heroes:

It is very difficult to develop in Dota. They pay very well here, but if you focus only on Dota, it will be impossible to develop skill. Therefore, you often have to get distracted and do something for yourself and for your portfolio.

Most of the workshops come here to get into their favorite game. The Workshop has experienced artists who work in large studios in different countries and have huge experience. And when you realize that you are competing and are in the chest somewhere on a par with them, it’s just a wonderful feeling.

In addition, Nikita and Konstantin complained that many artists remain unknown to the players:

There are people who have been working on content creation for a very long time. We are already like a team. Of course, they sometimes invite us to events, but I would like them to somehow take and highlight the most active people. Talked about them, posted a portfolio of the most popular and famous. So that players can come in, meet or analyze. But there is no such thing yet. Just show that we are important to you. After all, someone has been working on a game for six or nine years. And that’s important to us too.

Steam Workshop is a new generator of ideas!

As part of The International 2015, a friendly All-Stars match was held, in which Valve presented a surprise to TI viewers. The show match was held in 10×10 mode, where, in addition to professional players, 10 spectators from Key Arena also participated in it.

With this match, Valve has given an unspoken green light to a bunch of modders. From that moment, various custom maps, heroes, mechanics, abilities and artifacts appeared in the game. Popular modes such as Attack on Hero, Dota 2 Horde Mode, Dota Auto Chess, Together We Stand and Roshpit Champions not only diversified the game but also gave Valve developers new ideas both for Dota 2 and for creating new game projects.

Thus, all these unique mechanics, we could see in such events as: «Siltbreaker», «The Underhollow», «Wrath of the Mo’rokai» and «Aghanim’s Labyrinth». In addition, all the same mechanics with outposts and talent trees, as well as neutral items, were borrowed from the community maps.

One system for several projects – is that bad?

On November 25, Valve announced the imminent release of the Overwatch system for Dota 2. This system will help to combat aggressive chatting and deliberate obstruction of normal play. But this patrol has been successfully functioning in CS:GO since 2015.

It would seem, what is the problem with introducing this system into Dota 2? Initially, Overwatch contradicted the principle of anonymity. And with the release of Battle Pass 2020, Valve developers faced a problem when users found the matches they needed, using the list of heroes and sides.

In addition, in 2018, the developers decided to abandon the usual MMR model in Dota 2 and introduce a new rating system in the updated matchmaking, which was previously used in CS:GO. This system received a table of ranks and was designed in such a way that it does not allow more experienced players to team up or confront players with lower skill levels.

Where else to get ideas?

An early goal of the Dota 2 development team was to adapt the Defense of the Ancients art style to the Source game engine. Hero names, abilities, artifacts, and map design from the Warcraft III mod have been largely retained in Dota 2 with some changes due to Blizzard’s trademarks. After a while, the gaming community began to wait for the release of new heroes from Valve.

Like everything in our world, ideas with heroes were not new. So some of the heroes were taken from mythology, and some ideas were spied on from competitors.

As a result, the gaming community can find both obvious similarities with heroes from various MOBA games and not so much.

In addition, in August 2020, dataminers found references to the heroes of DotA 2 that had not yet been released. From this information, you can find some heroes like Fenrir (Primal Beast), Freya (Valkyrie) and Puppet Master, whose analogs already exist in other MOBA projects.

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Sevagoth Song – Warframe

Sevagoth Song – Sleeping In The Cold Below


So it’s into the void
Now me girls and me boys

From Mother’s hands we go
We’ll be sailing to the sun

Till the voyage is done
Then we’ll be sleepin in the cold below

Below, below

We’re going where the winds don’t blow
Yes we’re all bound down

To the deep and we’ll all be
Sleepin in the cold below, below
Sleepin in the cold below

Our sailing ships
For the hard and the quick

We roll our load and go
There’s a living to be made

Or there’s Hell to pay
When you’re sleepin in the cold below

Below, below

We’re going where the winds don’t blow
Yes we’re all bound down

To the deep and we’ll all be
Sleepin in the cold below, below
Sleepin in the cold below

There’s a man on high
With the Devil in his eye

And a golden hand, I’m told
It can hurt you, it can hold you

He can kick you or console you
When you’re sleepin in the cold below

Below, below

We’re going where the winds don’t blow
Yes we’re all bound down

To the deep and we’ll all be
Sleepin in the cold below, below
Sleepin in the cold below

Oh Sisters you
So wise and true

When it’s my time to go
Won’t you lay me down

Under Granum Crowns
And I’ll be sleepin in the cold below, below
Sleepin in the cold below

Below, below

We’re going where the winds don’t blow
Yes we’re all bound down
To the deep and we’ll all be sleepin in the cold below, below

Below, below

We’re going where the winds don’t blow
Yes we’re all bound down

To the deep and we’ll all be
Sleepin in the cold below, below
Sleepin in the cold below, below
Sleepin in the cold below

Today we sail
On the Solar Rail

For there’s much we just don’t know
So farewell with a kiss

Then it’s fast for the mist
Till we’re all sleepin in the cold below

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All Supporters Club Chat Wheel DPC 2021 Dota 2

Valve has finally followed through on one of the initial features that was announced at the beginning of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit with the launch of Supporters Clubs.

Supporters Clubs are a new way for fans of competitive Dota 2 to support their favorite teams by purchasing various bundles of badges and seasonal equippables that are themed on the competitors of the DPC. 

The featured teams have all provided the content to Valve that is being implemented in these bundles, and 50 percent of all sales will go directly to the team whose bundle you purchase. Each team will also have three different bundles to choose from that scale what content is inside. 

The Bronze Club includes a badge for the team, the Silver Club includes sprays and emoticons, and the Gold Club includes a special in-game HP bar badge, loading screens, and voice lines. Badges will be shown in multiple places, while the other items, other than the special loading screens, will be usable in-game. 

Download all voices here: DPC All Supporters Club Chat Wheels

DPC All Supporters Club Chat Wheels

Valve is introducing 17 team bundles to the shop, with more to come as additional teams competing in the DPC submit their designs for approval and implementation. You can visit the team profile section of the DPC tab to see which teams have launched Supporters Clubs content.

Apex Legends | siakew Overview

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If you want to add or update a legend and/or specific stats for a legend, change your default legend to the legend you would like to update on the site by selecting them in the Legends menu in-game and ensuring you have the desired stat trackers applied. Make sure to have at least the Kills tracker and Level badge selected. After selecting your default legend and desired stats, return to the main lobby and press the “Force Update” button below.

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