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Razer Opus Headset Problem Cannot Turn Off

Razer Opus headset froze, cannot hear anything, but the blue light is turning on, it didn’t react to any buttons, I could not turn it off, the noise cancelling was still on.

I had to wait for a day until the battery ran out, then recharged it. Since then, every time I put it in pairing mode, I hear the bleeps two times, and then it shuts off.


plug the included 3.5mm cable into the Opus, then Press and Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button at the same time.

Razer Opus – Black

Wireless THX® Certified Headphones with Advanced Active Noise Cancellation


  • THX® Certified Headphones
  • Advanced Active Noise Cancellation (Anc) Technology
  • Bluetooth and 3.5 mm connections

Headset Product: Razer Opus