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Android Game for Kids at Playstore | siakew

Guess Color is made for kids to imagine that You are the Art Student, You need to know a kind of color in the library by see the visual of animal. There is two Mode Normal Mode and Time Survival Mode.

Guess Color – siakew – Android Game for Kids

Forestdom is made for kids to imagine that You are the Animal Adventurer, You need to know a kind of animal in the forest by hearing the sound and the shape of the animal.

Forestdom – siakew – Android Game for Kids

siakew is game enthusiast that have an idea to make game for kids. Since now most of Android games are for teenagers.

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Privacy Policy For My Apps Guess Color For Kids

Guest Color For Kids is a game for children under 13 to train color sensors and awareness of objects around them. Customer security and privacy are the main things to be handled properly. Guest Color For Kids continues to maintain the security of all important customer data and information. Guaranteed servers, privacy data protection, periodic back-ups, and access to customer data, are Guest Color For Kids efforts to continue to maintain the security and privacy of every customer. Guest Color For Kids ensures that all your information and data is encrypted and protected very well.

Official Link for Guess Color For Kids in PlayStore: Tebak Gambar Untuk Anak Balita

Official Link for: Guess Color ?

For Parents: This game is just for fun.

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